What is Health 2.0 ?

Health 2.0 which started in Santa Clara 2007, is the most active and the biggest scale Healthtech global conference which introduce the cutting-edge of technologies with live demos.

44 Conferences, More Than
100 Chapters Around the World!!

Health 2.0 has grown a global network, more than 40 conferences and 100 chapters around the world including Europe, South America, India and Asia.

Network with Startups,
VCs and More!!

Throughout the conference, we establish the network in all over the world, extending our network more than ever by the marriage with the world biggest healthcare conference, HIMSS in 2017.

What is Health 2.0 Asia - Japan ?

By the alliance with MedPeer and Health 2.0 from 2015, our conference is incubating healthtech business for the global ecosystem.

More Than 850 Attendees

Reflecting the growing population and the interest of healthtech business, we had more than 850 attendees last year from medicals, ITs and other regions.

Connecting Human and Data,
How We Make the Integration?

Learn the newest technologies and key opinions from the iconic live demos, panel discussions, pitches and exhibitions, your network starts from here shall lead the future in healthtech.

What’s “Healthtech”?
~ HealthTech=Healthcare × Technology ~

Healthcare means how you manage your health from the cradle to the grave. Health 2.0 defines “Healthtech” as Technology to acquire a better human life.

Board Member


Matthew Holt

Health 2.0 LLC


Yo Iwami

President & CEO
(M.D., Ph.D.),
MedPeer, Inc.

Yuuri Ueda

Director of Health 2.0
Asia - Japan (M.D.)

3 Reasons Why You Want to Join Health 2.0 Asia - Japan

Grab the Latest!!

We cover all the hottest topics, from AI to Robotics and chronic diseases to sleeptech, catch up the world healthtech trend in 2018!!

Learn From the Frontier

Key frontier leaders from academia, industry and government share their knowledge and discuss the future of healthtech market.

The Great Network and Collaboration

Meet with the players, VCs and the payers. This year, more than 50 tech-companies shall gather and present their ideas and technologies in pitch and exhibition.