HIMSS & Health 2.0 Japan 2019


Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
Muromachi Mitsui Hall & Conference
Lightning Pitch + Lunch Venue

Opening Statement


Bruce Steinberg

Managing Director Executive Vice President, HIMSS International

Yuuri Ueda

MedPeer,Inc./HIMSS & Health 2.0 Country Director, Japan

Opening Dialogue |
Healthtech-trend of US and Japan


Matthew Holt

Co-Chairman, Health2.0

Yo Iwami


Mohmoud Chikh-Ali

Commercial Attaché, U.S. Embassy, Tokyo

Yoshitake Yokokura

President, Japan Medical Association / Former President, World Medical Association / Former President, CMAAO

Risk Reduction for Healthier Tomorrow


Charles Alessi

Chief Clinical Office, HIMSS

Kazumi Nishikawa

Director, Healthcare Industries Division Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group, METI

Kakuya Niihata

Director, Moderation in Health Care Costs Promotion Office, Division for Health Care and Long-term Care Integration, Health Insurance Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan

Tomohiro Masuhara

Deputy Director, Information Applications Promotion Office, Advanced Information Systems and Software Division, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Predictive, Preventive, Proactive Showcase


Masashi Omuro

Occupational Physician, Doyukai Medical Corporation

Atsushi Mizuno

Department of Cardiology / QI center, St.Luke's international hospital

Go Fujita

CEO, MTG Ventures

Kazuya Iinaga

CEO, Medhical Photonics Co.Ltd.

Yuta Hagiwara


Jun Fukuyoshi

CEO, Cancerscan

Lightning Pitch

Networking Break

Heading to the Global Market Showcase


Matthew Holt

Co-Chairman, Health2.0

Masashi Kiyomine

Kicker Ventures, CEO

Yuki Shimahara


Koji Ozaki


Yoshinori Abe

CEO Doctor, Ubie Inc.

Dialogue Pitch Winner's Update:
Creating Life-Style Change


Yuuri Ueda

MedPeer,Inc./HIMSS & Health 2.0 Country Director, Japan

Naoto Fukutani

CEO, BackTech Inc.

Creating Life-style Change Showcase
~Eat, Sleep & Exercise~


Yuuri Ueda

MedPeer,Inc./HIMSS & Health 2.0 Country Director, Japan

Chikara Matsuzaki

RIZAP Personal Trainer
Japan Top Trainer Association certified JTTA
health exercise instructor

Yuya Kikukawa

CEO/Founder, no new folk studio Inc.

Hinako Kawai

Selfcare Promotion Office, Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Victor Chapela

Co-Founder & CEO, Suggestic

How to Reach the Global Innovation


Mizuho Nakanishi

JETRO, Digital Trade and new Industry Department, New Industry Deveopment Division

Tomoko Inoue

CEO, Omron Ventures Co., Ltd.

Networking Lunch
(Lunch box is available at HallB)

Lunch & Learn:
Contribute to "wide-ranging well-being" together with pharmaceutical products
(Introduction of our frontier business)


Takehiko Nomura

Senior Director (Ph.D) of Frontier Business Office, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma

Deep Dive:
Transform Home Tech
- About the balance between comfortable home environment control and ecological conservation -


Kuniyoshi Mabuchi

PwC Japan LLC Experience Center/ Managing Director

Gerotech Showcase


Yasuko Akutsu

President & CEO of MT Healthcare Design Research Inc
Ambassador of Aging2.0Tokyo
Representative Director of Advanced Gerontology in Next Generation Japan association

Charles Alessi

Chief Clinical Officer, HIMSS

Takashi Sugiyama


Kenji Kajiwara

CEO, Chikaku.Inc

Roy Tal

CEO & Founder, 2gether

Leading Attractiveness
~Designing Healthcare~


Junki Yoshioka

CEO, Medical Design Engineer, NODE MEDICAL, Inc.

Ayumi Maruyama

President, Triple Regards LLC

Ryou Koshino


Networking Break
(Coffee is available at HallB)

Deep Dive:
Creating new customer contacts and values that combine real and digital


Katsunori Sugiura

President of Sugi Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Deep Dive:
Innovation in clinical reserches leveraing Real World Data


Michihiko Nakamura

Director, Strategy Office, Real-World & Analytics Solutions, IQVIA Solutions Japan K.K.

Health 2.0 Update: KAKEHASHI Inc.


Yutaka Nakao




Yo Iwami

President & CEO (M.D, Ph.D), MedPeer Inc.

Minoru Moriya

President, Moriya Minoru Office Co.,Ltd

Yoshinori Shirono

Ci:z Medical Corporation Director/ Ci:z Holdings Co.,Ltd. Honorary Chairman / Ci:z Investmennt Co.,Ltd. Representative

Kazuma Kaneko

CEO, Linc'well

Masashige Den

CEO, Dr.'s Prime Inc.

Community Health Management


Shinsuke Muto

President, Tetsuyu Institute Medical Corporation
Chairman, Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Taro Yokoyama

Hospital director, Yokoyamaiin home・palliative care clinic Koutokukai Medical corporation association

Ryo Okubo

President, Rehab for Japan Co., Ltd.

Fumito Shimizu

CEO, 3Sunny

Naoki Goto

Manager, President Office, MedPeer, Inc.

Lightning Pitch Award


Hirohiko Iwasaki

Managing Executive Officer, Nippon Life Insurance Company

Deep Dive:
RIZAP × Healthcare ~Training Evolving with Technology~


Chikara Matsuzaki

RIZAP Personal Trainer
Japan Top Trainer Association certified JTTA
health exercise instructor

Day 1 Wrap Up


Yuuri Ueda

MedPeer,Inc./HIMSS & Health 2.0 Country Director, Japan

Matthew Holt

Co-Chairman, Health2.0



Koichi Ogawa

Director & Senior Executive Manageing Officer, Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting, Co., Ltd.
※The program and speakers might change without any notation, thank you for your understanding.
Yo Iwami
Yo Iwami President & CEO (M.D, Ph.D), MedPeer, Inc.

Dr. Iwami graduated from the Shinshu University School of Medicine and joined the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Tokyo Women's Medical University in 1999.
Yo established Medical Oblige Inc (now MedPeer,Inc.) in December 2004.
He launched MedPeer in August 2007.
MedPeer is a professional online social media for certified doctors to share insight of actual medical scene and now it holds more than 100,000 doctors (one of three doctors in Japan).
He continues to be active on the front lines of clinical site, still holding patient consultations once a week.

Michikazu Koshiba
Michikazu Koshiba General Manager, Social Impact Partnership Business Dept., Head, Center on Global Health Architecture, Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co Ltd,

He started his career in International Development/Humanitarian Relief fields. Serving for disaster-affected community, the concept of sustainability/multi-stakeholder approach became the essential value for his career. Shaping his career as a consultant to dedicate his life to CSV(Creating Shared Values) business, especially on global health from the mid-2000s, he has worked with scores of corporations and startups, as well as with industry bodies, government, the media, NGOs, academia.
His favorite word of his role: “nexus between conventional politics and one of the future” Since 2016, he established a P3 forum “Access to Health” where the members are focusing on a contribution to global health including Infectious Diseases, Nutrition, NCDs, MCH and health service delivery to transform health system. Digital health is a key component. He plays a role as a facilitator/coordinator for multi-stakeholders in a global arena, working as the HEAD, Center on Global Health Architecture, MITSUBISHI UFJ Research and Consulting.

Tak Miyata
Tak Miyata General Partner, Scrum Ventures

Tak has invested in over 60 startups related to commerce, health care, SaaS, video, and IoT in the U.S. Tak has international experience in the IT industry both as an entrepreneur and as a senior executive.

Kazuo Tsubota, MD, PhD, MBA
Kazuo Tsubota, MD, PhD, MBA Professor & Department Chair, Keio University School of Medicine

Prof. Kazuo Tsubota is an internationally recognized dry eye specialist who has been working on the pathogenesis and treatment of dry eye for much of his career. His latest research activities spotlight myopia due to the myopia boom affecting Japan and East Asia. His research focuses on the hypothesis that violet light has a suppressive effect against the progression of myopia and blue light’s role in determining circadian rhythm, mood, and memory. More recently, Prof. Tsubota is interested in innovation and is director of the innovation program at Keio University which encourages researchers to start venture companies based on their scientific findings. To set an example he established his own company, Tsubota Laboratory, Inc. which focuses on the clinical application of violet light for the control of myopia as well as dry eye and presbyopia. In addition, Prof. Tsubota has published over 700 scientific peer-reviewed articles.

Rami Suzuki PhD
Rami Suzuki PhD Head, Medical Affairs Division, Janssen Pharmaceuticals K.K.

Rami Suzuki Ph.D. is Head of Medical Affairs at Janssen Pharmaceuticals K.K., the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Today she serves Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as Life Science Committee member as well as AMED and JST as an advisor to several projects. She was a selection committee member of Medical Science and Medicinal Science for Japan Prize 2018. She obtained Ph.D. in Medicine at University College London with a scholarship from Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. Her post doctorial research was on breast cancer at Imperial College, London. She also worked as a venture capitalist for life sciences in London before joining the pharmaceutical industry. Her lifetime missions are to cure cancer and to prevent dementia.

Tak Umezawa
Tak Umezawa Japan Chairman, A.T. Kearney Chairman, CIC Japan

As Chairman of CIC Japan, Tak Umezawa is leading the effort to launch in 2020 CIC Tokyo, which will be the largest startup campus in the central Tokyo.
As Partner with A.T. Kearney, Umezawa has served leading corporations in Japan and the US for more than 20 years. Areas of his expertise include growth strategy, innovation and organization. He has served the firm as a Board Director, Japan MD, and the Global Leader of the Consumer Industries and Retail Practice.
Umezawa sits on government committees on Cool Japan, intellectual property, and inbound tourism. He is Adjunct Professor on leadership at Hitotsubashi ICS, Hitotsubashi University Business School.
Umezawa leads a multi-disciplinary, pro-bono team “NEXTOKYO.” The team has developed a future-city vision for Tokyo and works with property developers and municipalities on urban development projects in the city.
He has authored several books including “NEXTOKYO” (co-authored). He holds a bachelor of law from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Masao Okazaki
Masao Okazaki Client Partner Country Lead, Pfizer Digital Japan, Pfizer Holdings G.K.

Joined in Pfizer-Taito in 1983 as MR. Assigned as an initial member to establish a new medical device division of Pfizer in Japan. In 1992, he took the role of IT Manager of Pfizer Hospital Products Group. In 1996, he held a role of Senior IT Manager of Pfizer's Pharmaceutical division and supported its Sales and Marketing businesses and processes including SFA, SFE, CRM, eMarketing, Mobile etc. Senior Director, Business Technology in 1999 in Japan and New York HQ after 2002. Pfizer Digital Japan Lead since 2019.

Tomoyoshi Sato
Tomoyoshi Sato Representative Director CEO&CTO, AXION RESEARCH INC.

In Mar., 2000 I started IPFlex Inc. that provides dynamically recofigurable processors based on parallel data processing with cycle base data path changes, targeting moving picture processing for digital TV or smart phone application. In Oct., 2009 I started Atonarp Inc. that provides very companct Mass Spectrometer to be used for breath monitoring or environment air analysis, and Optical Spectrometer targetting the nonivasive quantitative measurement of blood inspection like blood glucose or HbA1c. We have Replica Generator to enable the data creation, very close to the measured data with keeping closely the correlation, the covariance and the probability density of those data. By the hybrid type engine of knowledge base engine and deep learning engine, we established AXiON Research Inc. in Dec., 2016 for inference of the individual health position and the future disease risk. We continue those challenge for the next future society happiness and people's big smiles there.

Shigeo Kohigashi
Shigeo Kohigashi CEO, Enishia,Inc.

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Osaka University in 1999, he worked for financial institutions, foreign accounting consulting companies and local governments. Experienced in large-scale group management management infrastructure development projects. Knowledge of project management from start-up to stable operation.
Acquired Kyoto University MBA (Service Value Creation Program) in 2017. Participated in the “Kyoto University Design School” that nurtures social system and architecture design personnel while in graduate school, the “EDGE Program” that nurtures global entrepreneurs, and “HiDEP” that nurtures medical healthcare innovation entrepreneurs.

Yutaka Shimokawa
Yutaka Shimokawa CEO, KINS

医療法人社団癒合会元理事長。 6年間のクリニック在籍のうち理事長職として3年間従事。経営を中心としつつ自らも積極的に診療へ参加。延べ2,500名以上の慢性疾患/指定難病患者に対する根本治療を目指し細菌叢に対するアプローチを行う。
診療を行う中で、患者の生活習慣が「ヒトが本来送るべき日常とかけ離れすぎていること」に気づく。グルテン入りのパン、界面活性剤入りの歯磨き粉、 防腐剤たっぷりの加工食品、砂糖たっぷりのお菓子…

Adebayo Alonge
Adebayo Alonge CoFounder/CEO, RxAll Inc.

Market development professional with 10+ years experience developing 100M+ new business in Africa for BCG, BASF, Roche and Sanofi. Pharmacist with business & policy degrees from Yale and Harvard (in-view).